Pivot is our quarterly church magazine, colourfully illustrated and packed with interesting articles. The articles below are a small sample from our magazine. If you would like to read more, please call in at our church to pick up a free copy.

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Volunteering and working together: Annette Brooke shares some thoughts on new health and social initiatives in Broadstone

The Harvey Practice in Broadstone is one of several GP practices in Dorset to take up the challenge from Altogether Better, which operates on behalf of the NHS, to recruit Practice Health Supporters. Currently people are being identified who are prepared to voluntarily give their time to work with staff to find new ways to improve the services that the practice offers, and to help to meet the health needs of patients and the wider community.      See full story...


You may think it is a funny way to start an article on ‘Caring’ by mentioning the 26th President of the USA, Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919). A distant uncle to World War ll President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore was one of America’s better loved Presidents. A man of integrity and vision, he vehemently opposed all forms of corruption and, ahead of his time, held a life-long enthusiasm for conservation.      See full story...

Co-ordinating Pastoral Care

How should we describe our role? In essence we are the bridge between the Pastoral Visitors and the Minister. The Methodist Church website has this to say about pastoral care within the Church “A Healthy Church Community is one where people know they are loved, visitors are welcome, young and old alike are valued and feel safe. The care that we offer, both at times of crisis and in everyday life is an active proclamation of God’s love in Christ and for all the world.”      See full story...