Welcome to Broadstone Methodist Church

Thank you for visiting our church website. We hope you will find the help and information that you are looking for. We also hope to welcome you in person at our Church very soon. Whether you come for Sunday worship or private prayer, or feel like dropping in to the Coffee Lounge or any of our weekday activities, you will find a warm welcome and supportive friends.





Minister's message for week beginning Sunday 23 January

Dear friends, the gospel reading set for this Sunday is Jesus clearly laying out what his ministry on earth will be like. How often do we lay out our plans and manifestos, hopes and dreams only to find that we encounter distractions and difficulties along the way? I wonder, if the people who heard Jesus' words that day in the synagogue could have imagined how Jesus' ministry turned out in practice? Not so long ago, we launched the circuit mission and vision of 'Gather, Grow, Go' - it was and is an aspirational vision and needs everyone's input to put it into practice. We too may end up doing and being something that we could not imagine at the start. Jesus was embedded in his knowledge and understanding of scripture, everything he did and said emerged from his fulfilling of God's promise within it but also from his dynamic and responsive relationship with God and with the people who journeyed with him.

May we also find ways to enable our own dynamic and responsive relationship with God and with each other in this week and beyond.

every blessing
Rev Karen James.

Our Mission

As part of the worldwide Christian Church, to preach the Christian message, provide facilities for Christian worship, and to serve the needs of the Community

This has been our mission since a Methodist Church was first built on our site in Lower Blandford Road in 1890. By the end of the last century it was clear that our old building was not ideal for carrying out this mission in the 21st Century. The old building was demolished and our new building was opened in December 2003.

Within our building you will find our Sanctuary - our place of worship - and the Paul Mears Quiet Room which is dedicated to Rev Paul, the man who drove the vision of our modern building. This room is set aside for prayer, quiet contemplation and conversations in confidence. If you ever want someone to talk to, then please do let reception volunteers know.

Our Coffee Lounge is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon. Drop in to find a friendly welcoming atmosphere and the buzz of conversation. Towards the rear of the building we have meeting rooms, and a large hall upstairs. The activities which go on here include use by church groups and many local organisations. You will find more details about our church activities on the various sections of our website. As we are part of the local Poole Bay Methodist Circuit, you may also find their website of interest.

We hope you find something of interest to you and look forward to welcoming you to our Church community.