Pivot is our quarterly church magazine, colourfully illustrated and packed with interesting articles. The articles below are a small sample from our magazine. If you would like to read more, please call in at our church to pick up a free copy.

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My help comes from the Lord: Rev Linda Chester reflects on the Psalms

As I walked along the water’s edge at Sandbanks, I watched a young child paddling up to her knees. As a larger wave came in, she trustingly put her small hand up into the hand of her father, who was carefully paddling beside her. Although only a toddler, she instinctively knew that she would be safe if she could just hold his hand.      See full story...

New every morning: Rev Linda Chester reflects on a whole variety of New Beginning experiences

When we pause to reflect, it’s interesting that all of us are constantly facing “new beginnings” throughout our lives. They are so varied, we may approach each with excitement, uncertainty, fear, or even a mixture of all three. From our early years at school, we are familiar with the annual change of class and teacher in a new classroom. We usually adapt quite well to new friends and a widening circle of acquaintances.      See full story...

Working with my dogs

I wonder what you think of when I mention the word “Teamwork”. You may think of an orchestra or a sports team, a stage presentation or the Duke of the Edinburgh awards, or even perhaps a marriage. Over the past 40 years of teaching and ministry, teamwork for me has of course meant working with colleagues, but equally it has meant working with my special four-legged friends and companions - my beautiful dogs!      See full story...