Pivot is our quarterly church magazine, colourfully illustrated and packed with interesting articles. The articles below are a small sample from our magazine. If you would like to read more, please call in at our church to pick up a free copy.

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Are we understood? Brian Tucknott reflects on our ‘church’ language and practices.

An 'old school’ evangelist asked the question "Don’t you know that you were bought with a price?" To which a wit in the crowd responded "I didn’t realise I was up for sale!" This is a story retold by the Rev Dr Robert Reiss, Canon Treasurer of Westminster Abbey until his retirement, in his book Sceptical Christianity.      See full story...

It’s Traditional !

As children, we were never aware what the trigger was but every year, at the beginning of Lent, skipping ropes would be the essential piece of equipment for all of us. Individual ropes abounded, but so too did long heavier ropes that would stretch across the street. Of course, traffic was not a problem then; few families had a car, so the only motorised traffic we saw on our street was the electric milk float (if we were up really early), the bus once an hour, the baker’s delivery van and, very occasionally, an emergency vehicle.      See full story...