Prayer & Bible Study

We place much importance on prayer at Broadstone Methodist Church, and, should you wish it, there are various opportunities for private prayer, shared prayer or to request prayer.

Prayer for the week ahead

Even in the darkest moments, love gives hope. 
Love compels us to fight against coronavirus
alongside our sisters and brothers living in poverty.
Love compels us to stand together in prayer with our neighbours near and far.
Love compels us to give and act as one. 
Now, it is clear that our futures are bound together more tightly than ever before. 
As we pray in our individual homes, around the nation and around the world –
we are united as one family.
So, let us pause and find a moment of peace,
as we lift up our hearts together in prayer.

[© Christian Aid 2020]


This week's prayer theme with Churches Together in Broadstone
We pray for those who have hospital appointments.
Lord, be with their friends & relatives as well, as they await news.
May they be given peace at this time. Amen.


Prayer Chain

Our church has a Prayer Chain - a group of people who are willing to pray for others in emergency situations. This is regularly used and greatly valued by the church community. For further details please have a word with our Minister, or contact Marie Wright.


Other prayer resources 

Churches Together in Broadstone ~ Praying Together:  please see prayer sheet for October and November 2020 on our Events page.

For live streaming of Morning Prayers from other Methodist churches - please see the links on our Events page.

Paul Mears Quiet Room (closed at present due to coronavirus restrictions)

This room next to our Church Sanctuary is available for anyone to use whenever the building is open. It is a place where you can read the Bible or other Christian booklets, pray, or just sit quietly.

If you have any prayer requests or concerns, please enter them in the Prayer Book which is kept in the Quiet Room.

Or you may prefer to use the Prayer Box on the wall in our rear lobby, near the door to the car park. A supply of prayer cards is available next to it.

We also have Prayer Groups which meet during the week to pray for others, when prayer requests entered in the Prayer Book and Prayer Box are offered up to God. The meetings are held in the Paul Mears Quiet Room as follows:

Mondays:  6.45 - 7.30pm 
Wednesdays:  9.30 - 10am

Bible Study and House Groups (not meeting at present)


Thursday: Bible Study in the Sanctuary

At various times of the year we hold a series (usually once a week over 6 weeks) of Bible study sessions in our Church, led by one of our ministers.

Details of our Lent 2020 study programme are on our Events webpage and in the weekly noticesheet.


Monday: Bible Study House Group

The Bible Study Group that meets in lower Broadstone on Monday evenings is a friendly and welcoming group.

We undertake a study of particular books of the Bible, or a subject with references throughout the Bible, using published study guides. We also join with Churches Together in Broadstone in the Lenten study before Easter each year when we welcome people from other Churches to our group.

Ours is a group that is open to all opinion, and is happy to be challenged. We are serious in our study, but laughter is always present. We have developed a strong feeling of fellowship and we care for each other, but we are always happy to have new members, bearing in mind that we meet in a home, and therefore do have a limit to the number we can accommodate.

For further details please contact the Church Administrator – Tel: 01202 600696


Monday: Clarendon Road Bible Study Group

We are a small group, meeting on Monday evenings at 7.15pm, approximately every fortnight.  Three of the group members take it in turns to lead the group's study and discussions.  Newcomers are always welcome.

For further details please contact the Church Administrator – Tel: 01202 600696


Tuesday: Lancaster Drive House Fellowship Group

This group meets monthly on Tuesday mornings at 10am.

We have 9 members currently - more would be most welcome - and we enjoy a time of fellowship with a friendly chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

We prayerfully share together our concerns for family, friends and the wider world and enjoy discussion, readings and Bible study using a variety of material.

For further details please contact the Church Administrator – Tel: 01202 600696