Pivot is our quarterly church magazine, colourfully illustrated and packed with interesting articles. The articles below are a small sample from our magazine. If you would like to read more, please call in at our church to pick up a free copy.

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Reflections on Social Care

Many of you will be familiar with the serious concerns about Social Care expressed through the media. You may have heard on the News recently about the Dad, disabled and hospitalised since last Easter. He has a wife and children at home who need him and, given the right amount of care and equipment, he could return there. He has been offered a place in a Care Home as, so far, the responsible department will not agree to fund his return home.      See full story...

Margarete's Marmalade

This a recipe that I have used for a number of years. It's quick and can be done over two days, so you can fit it around other jobs. I buy a years’ supply of Seville oranges and put them in 2lb lots into freezer bags and freeze them so that I can make batches of marmalade throughout the year. I have never failed with this recipe. I hope it works for you!      See full story...