Submitted by Gloria Dennigan.

The Lord is my Pace-setter,
I shall not rush.
He makes me stop and rest
for quiet intervals.
He provides me with images of stillness,
which restore my serenity.
He leads me in ways of efficiency
through calmness of mind,
And His guidance is peace.
Even though I have a great many things
to accomplish each day,
I will not fret
His presence is here.
His timelessness,
His all importance
will keep me in balance.
He prepares refreshment and renewal
in the presence of my activity
by anointing my mind
with His oils of tranquillity;
my cup of joyous energy overflows.
Surely harmony and effectiveness
shall be the fruits of my hours.
For I shall walk
in the peace of my Lord
and dwell in His house forever.

Japanese version of Psalm 23, by Toki Miyashina.

These words were sent to me on a card soon after I had moved into my flat in Broadstone (on 1 July). At the time there were many boxes waiting to be unpacked and I had little energy to tackle the job! That I had got thus far would not have been possible without the great help friends had given me.

As I am the sort of person who gets up intending to do a multitude of tasks and finds, to my irritation, at the end of the day only one, or possibly two, things have been accomplished, these words spoke to me and stopped me in my tracks. I have found myself coming back to them again and again. 

Have you been helped by God, by family, by friends? This question appeared on the Broadstone notice sheet of Sunday 8 August and jumped out at me! My immediate thoughts were “Where shall I begin?”

There is so much that I could say. I am certain that moving to Broadstone was the right thing to do. How it happened continues to amaze me. I am sure that God had it in His plans for me and have known His Peace throughout all that has happened. I have been richly blessed by God and by friends who have shown me real love, care and concern and I thank God for them. 

Perhaps the words of this version of Psalm 23 will be helpful to you.

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