Editorial for Issue 33, Autumn 2021

Are you coping with everything the world is throwing at us? If you are anything like me and trying to keep several balls in the air, you will be feeling just a little bit (or maybe a lot) stressed, anxious or even depressed; and in need of a time of quiet, calm or help. We are not alone!

Everyone, at some time in their life, maybe quite often, has need of a period of reflection, review, restoration. For many, just the pressures of everyday living are all they can cope with – their challenges and difficulties are so all consuming they are only able to survive because others extend a helping hand – there is no time to pause and reflect.

In this edition of Pivot there are many reflections on the difficulties experienced in our daily lives in our country and on tragic events across the globe. Alongside these we can think of so much for which we are grateful. When choosing the theme the Editors felt that it would be appropriate to focus on prayer and we hope that you will feel as inspired as we do as you read through the ‘favourite’ prayers submitted by so many different people.

It would be interesting to count how many times ‘Zoom’ has been mentioned in articles in this edition. It reminds us that technology has enabled those of us able to access it to continue meeting with people, to worship together, to discuss issues and much more. But there are disadvantages, not the least that its existence has excluded people from some of these activities and increased social isolation.

It is wonderful that, despite the on-going pandemic, many now feel confident in venturing out and resuming activities that help their daily lives and we have pleasure in sharing some photographs of the recent, splendid, Broadstone Musical Market. For some, activities had to change through the pandemic and its impact now has to be thought about carefully as the need to return to ‘normal’ approaches. Others need to be more cautious and continue to explore activities ‘on-line’. Yet others are now mixing both and are continuing with activities begun during the pandemic and resuming things that had been on hold. Then there is an amusing tale from one who wishes to be a teenager again – I’m not sure that’s such a good idea!

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