Worldwide artistic community

Margarete Tucknott reflects on joining a group of artists from around the world

The experience of lockdown offered me the opportunity of participating in a ten-week online Art Course, and this opened my eyes to social media in a good way.

Before joining thousands across the world to learn more about art there were rules to be agreed to, among them, to respect members as people and to respect their work. Kindness, consideration and support to all members at all times.

Online tutorials, Zoom sessions, and demonstrations kept us all busy along with a private Facebook group where we posted our work. I have just completed this course for a second time.

I experienced an honesty and openness about people’s art and their lives that I did not expect. In the height of the pandemic across the world came news of members experience of illness, loss and struggles. In return came many, many responses of support, sympathy and sometimes advice.

There was a variety of experience amongst the artists in the group and for those who were struggling to achieve there was the support and encouragement in abundance

The comment ‘I am too old to do this’ received the response ‘never – paint, enjoy, you can do it’

The course was called Find Your Joy, and we did!  It was in the end joyful and positive, we got to    know ourselves and others in a good way, there was a great sense of care and togetherness throughout, quite unique. The closing Zoom meeting was moving and emotional. We had shared so much with each other.

It did not end there – connected to this group is something called Your Art Tribe which I joined last year. A group with 2000 members of artists from across the world = this is where we support each other and share our work online and participate in Masterclasses and other events each month. Again this is a supportive, caring community, which I am privileged to belong to.

There are some amazing people in the world. Sometimes technology works against us but, at others, it can take you on an incredible journey.


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