Prayerful reflection

Rev David Le Poidevin shares an extract from the book he is writing.

Many people today are looking for something that takes them out of the constant hustle and bustle that seems to go with so much of modern living. Somehow deep within so many of us there lies a mystery which again and again is very real to us and which it seems cannot really be understood except in terms of God.

In a world which needs an active, practical, social and even political application of our faith, still the true centre of it all needs to be our love and worship of the living and active God.

There are people who find prayer, or any form of Christian devotion somewhat difficult, or even impossible and indeed, if we are honest with ourselves, to some degree or other we all do. The important fact in Christian devotion is not our words; they can even get in the way. It is the reality of God in our lives. It is often simply about contemplative listening for God and waiting for him. At times  prayer becomes silent, peaceful communion with God, it then needs no words, maybe not even thoughts.

The devotional or spiritual life is supremely a calm and ordered life which, though never wasting time is never in a hurry either. Essentially of course it is not a separation from our daily life. We pray as we live. Most of us are tossed about by the busyness, distractions and confusions that life in this world produces. We need time for reflection and for prayer and thereby to discover God.


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