Offering a safe harbour

Joan Jackson thinks about recent experiences.

How often have you heard someone say, 'We're all in the same boat'? Recently I saw an article which said 'No we aren't. We may be in the same storm but we all have different boats.'  That was something which set me thinking especially as we were down at Lake Pier recently when so many different vessels were searching for the young man who had gone missing. There was the Pilot boat, a couple of different Lifeboats, two of the Royal Marine craft, a few fishing vessels, several pleasure boats and some jet skis as well as the Coastguard helicopter circling overhead. They were all very different but had the same united purpose.

Each one of us may be experiencing storm conditions, especially in this pandemic, and hopefully can find a suitable 'boat' in which to ride out the storm. Hopefully our church fellowship can offer a safe harbour where we can find rest and encouragement. not only in the building but through the caring for each other and our friends and neighbours.

A special thank you to all our pastoral visitors and 'buddies' who have kept people in touch and also to all those who have organised the on line worship materials and the different Zoom services and meetings. I'm sure we've all had to improve our IT skills but have benefitted immensely. 

Thanks, too, to all those working hard to maintain a safe environment in our building as we begin to open up again for the many activities which take place on our premises. It's been wonderful to see the coffee lounge in operation again - even if things are a little different- and the attendance for Sunday worship is growing as people regain their confidence. We're still operating with some social distancing and mask wearing but it's been heart-warming to be able to sing again and have both bread and wine for Holy Communion.

However let's not forget that there are still many people caught up in the storm and try our best to be a 'lifeboat' for them. We need to be aware of the needs of our community, listen to the cries for help and see what we can do. When we celebrate our Harvest Festival at the end of the month we will once again have the opportunity to support the Poole Food Bank and also through our gifts to All We Can offer help and support to those in need further afield, especially those struggling after the recent earthquake and devastation in Haiti.

One of the things which has struck home comes from:

Really Listen - a poem by Michaela Youngson.

The more people learn to
really listen to each other,
the more peaceful the world will be,
the closer we will be to living in God's will.
God's voice will be heard, saying,
'At last you have allowed me to exist.
At last you can hear my voice.
At long last, my child,
you have learnt to love me.'

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