Our young people have been enjoying 'Messy Bags’

Joan Jackson has, with others, been busy.
As we were back in lockdown for Christmas the team had been wondering how we could be in touch with the youngsters from church, Broadway, Messy Church etc. Deacon Gill suggested we might like to prepare bags of the normal craft activities which we do at Messy and then we could deliver them to the youngsters for whom we had contact addresses.

We came up with about a dozen or so ideas – a Christingle, felt stocking, finger puppet shepherd, silhouette nativity, to name a few as well as the usual assortment of pictures and puzzles. We also included a simple version of the Christmas story and a knitted toy. The crafts were prepared at home by volunteers and then placed in the bags which were then labelled and distributed to the homes. I think we managed just over 3o altogether.

We had lots of thank you messages and some photos as well. One said, “I was utterly overwhelmed by the wonderful package that was delivered to our door at the beginning of the school holidays. Such a feast of fun and creativity. I also saw the time and effort put into each and every craft. The kids were beyond content and each had a favourite craft. It created some Christmas magic back in our house. I also had wonderful feedback from other households who received a bag. They were bowled over by your thoughtfulness.”

February half term we were still in lockdown so we decided to do it all again. As half term began with Valentine’s Day we decided to use the theme of love. We encouraged sharing love through sending a card, making a feeder for the birds, other crafts, puzzles etc and of course eating a chocolate heart! Deacon Gill prepared a special booklet centred on God’s love for us all so hopefully we were able to share some good news.

Again we had lots of thank yous.

Ioan said he loved making the heart basket and the card which he was giving to his mummy for Valentine’s Day. Making the bird feeder was fun for the birds in his garden. 

"Thank you to the Team for the Messy Church craft bags. Such a lovely surprise and fabulous to have activities to do over a wintry half term."

It looks as though we’ll be unable to meet together in the Easter holidays so we hope to have another go. If you know of someone who would like to receive a Messy bag please let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Somehow we need to keep the contact with all our extended church family until we can celebrate together again.

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