Looking to the Future

At the moment, everything is so uncertain. Will we be able to carry on with all the good activities that were taking place in our church a year ago? One thing is certain – we are all a year older! It will be great to see how the children have grown and developed. Will some of us have changed our appearance – a different hairstyle perhaps?! One other thing is certain – we need to put our trust in God to give us hope for the future.

The first step to take is to pray for divine guidance in everything that we do, as individuals and as a church family.

It will be a new beginning and a time for celebration. Sadly, it will also be a time for mourning the loss of several members of our church family, as well as giving thanks for their lives.

After a long separation, it will be good to meet together socially as a complete family. There will be a desire to discover how we all coped during the lockdowns, and the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Discussions will be needed as to how we can build on all the work Karen did with children and their families. Also, in what ways are people in our community needing help? Some people are likely to have lost their jobs. Children may need extra educational help. We need to discover how we can work together to return to a ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

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