Look to the Future

'Our Calling’ from the Methodist Church has 4 aspects: Worship, Learning and Caring, Service and Evangelism.   

As we look to the future we have a God given opportunity to look at the things we were doing and ask some serious questions. What do we need to continue so we are able to serve God here in our community and most importantly what do we need to stop doing so we may focus on something new or more important? We have an opportunity to review the use of our building before we officially reopen for lettings etc.

Just over a year ago we had our Dreams and Visions Day which inspired some interesting ideas for the future. Are these still relevant? Who is willing to get involved?

Many of us have welcomed the opportunity to ‘Be Still and let God’ rather than rushing to get things done. Perhaps it’s made us more aware of what is really important.

As a church we are all part of the whole and everyone has something to contribute. Even those who are housebound can support with ideas, encouragement and lots of prayer. The church council has to make decisions but needs to know how all the people in the church are feeling and thinking. What do you need to develop your Christian life? What can the church do to support the vulnerable and needy in our community? How can we support families, children and young people? What is God calling you to do?

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Hopefully we shall be able to meet face to face in the not too distant future. In the meantime, stay safe, keep well and stay in touch.

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