In Memoriam

Sadly, over this last year many of our members and wider church family have died and we haven’t been able to come together to mourn their loss and celebrate their lives. In advance of a future Memorial Service, the editors of Pivot wanted to share some recollections and provide a base for reflection before too much time passes.



Brian Gilding 30.09.1934 - 18.02.2020

Brian attended the coffee lounge nearly every day with his wife Pat, since moving to Broadstone 18 years ago.


John Phillips 08.11.1943 - 09.05.2020

John came to the coffee lounge every Friday and attended church with his wife, Sandra. He particularly loved his garden and special roses.


Doris Geilern 01.01.1931 - 03.06.2020

Doris was a very quiet lady who enjoyed coming to Church, the coffee lounge and luncheon club. She enjoyed dancing until a few years ago.


Derek Salt 05.06.1931 - 19.08.2020

Derek and his wife Joy came to the coffee lounge regularly and attended art classes.


Mike Bolster 19.06.1938 - 05.09.2020

‘Big’ Mike is remembered as a ‘lovely Christian who regularly attended church and the coffee lounge.


Maraline Field 27.07.1941 - 18.09.2020

Fellow churchgoers will remember Maraline as a very elegant lady who was very supportive of daughter Roseanne’s wonderful singing.


Mary Rigby died 25.09.2020

Mary and her late husband Norman had a very long association with our church and circuit. She was a very proud grandmother of Katie and Anna.


Mike Nance 18.09.1932 - 11.11.2020

Mike married Mary in Broadstone Methodist Church in 2004, in recent years they attended the Spire for ease of access.


Alan Rice 26.07.1937 - 30.12.2020

Alan died in hospital after a long period of ill health. His wife is our dear friend Pat. Many will remember Alan for his wonderful smile.


Josie Wright 03.09.1955 - 31.12.2020

Josie had her troubles but will be remembered a kind, sociable and generous person who loved coming to Broadstone Methodist Church.


Poem by Josie Wright

If I Should See Another Spring

If I should see another spring,

I’d want to hear the blackbird sing

I love to hear them on the wind,

the sweetest sound I ever heard

I’d look deeply into my children’s eyes

and thank the Lord that they were mine.

I think about how fast time flies,

little things give you a sign

I’ve got hair of gold today,

tomorrow will it be silver grey?

When I close my eyes for the very last time,

I know your eyes will be looking into mine.


Tony Martin died 26.11.2020

Jill Darling died 27.1.2021

Tony and his partner Jill, both helped in the coffee lounge. Jill played badminton with the church group and often entertained us with amusing poetry items on church social occasions.


ElsieTempany also died earlier this year and with her husband Dick attended church services regularly until Dick died. They first came about 20 years ago and Elsie remained a church member.


Sue died 26.9.2020

Sue was a member of the ‘Knit & Natter’ group and, sadly, died as a result of an accident.


Carol Blackmore died February 2021

Carol was a Monday morning coffee helper for many years.


Sheila Dickin 20.08.1934 - 05.03.2021

Sheila has been in a care home in recent times but had been a regular attendee at Broadstone Methodist Church over a number of years. She was involved in many church activities and will be remembered for her creativity, particularly her 'Faberge style eggs'. Sadly her eyesight failed in latter years.


Joyce Wallington died 5.3.2021

Many members will remember Joyce who moved from Broadstone 4 years ago to be closer to her family. Sadly she died at home in Tibshelf.



(in addition to Mary Rigby and Alan Rice)


Barbara Jackson

Margaret and David Stainer

Jim Dimmock

Hugh McClelland


Creator God
Father and Mother of us all
In your company we walk all our days
looking to you for strength and comfort,
and to know the assurance of your love
and hope in our lives every day and for all eternity.
Speak to us now in words of encouragement
as we remember with thankfulness
our friends and loved ones recorded here
and all your children everywhere who, sadly, are no longer with us
but who, by your grace, are forever in your glorious presence.

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