Hope for the Future

As we gradually move out of the pandemic-controlled environment, we, as a church community, have a number of challenges to face, and I feel it’s important that we face them fairly and squarely.

First is ministerial oversight. While we have a minister with responsibility for our church, that minister will not be resident in Broadstone, and will be almost certainly have less time than Sue did to provide leadership and to get involved in the activities we are engaged in.   

Next is worship. Until last March, we were the only church in the Poole Bay Circuit to hold regularly two services each Sunday. Do we want to go back to that situation, in which we would probably have to provide our own worship leaders for many of the evening services, and/or do we want to continue in some way using the benefits of Zoom worship?

Another is our work with children and young families. Although we had agreed at the end of 2019 that Karen should be replaced, the gap of over a year in those activities means that whoever comes in will effectively have to start the work from scratch again, and will need a lot of help and support from us to do so.

Then, of course, there is the coffee lounge. How many of our volunteers will still be prepared to come and help in our new post-covid environment?

All these issues, and you can probably think of more, should make us examine our capacity as a church community to provide the leadership and resources to carry them out effectively. Every single one of us needs to have input into the decisions, and the commitment to support them. But we should remember as Sally said so memorably at our Vision Day in January last year (it seems so long ago!) ‘We can do anything, but we can’t do everything!’

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