Greetings and thanks from Karen Greene

Hello dear friends,

It is hard to believe that we are approaching one year since everything came to a screeching halt!  For me it meant my job which I was to finish in 5 months was now officially over. I hated that we never got to say a proper good bye. 

Not ready to retire, I retrained as a Home Carer and started working for Bridgewater Care a wonderful private care company. Because of its flexibility, I was able to spend 7 weeks in America enjoying getting to know my new little grandbaby, Evelyn Francis Clark (Francis being my maiden name).

When I returned from the US in December, Joan contacted me to arrange a time to give me a gift she had for me from the church. I have to say I was so delighted to open such a lovely gift with wonderful notes, thoughts, cards, pictures and a generous gift of money! Colin and I sat and enjoyed reading and looking at everything reflecting on all the good memories we had with you and all the fun and exciting shared outreach we did together for the Broadstone church and community!

I am so deeply grateful for the gift as well as our time together in the 6+ years I was with you. May the future hold something equally as fruitful and meaningful for the church and rewarding for the person/persons who will be moving the Children and Young Families’ Ministry into whatever direction God sees fit. I have no doubt that God is not one bit worried and has good things in store for Broadstone Methodist Church. 

You will forever be in my heart.

Love to you all, Karen.

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