Christian Aid calls for Action on Climate Justice

Coronavirus has challenged health systems and economies across the globe. Can we in the UK even begin to imagine what it has been like living in a community already experiencing extreme poverty? At the same time, the climate change crisis is becoming even more apparent and having enormous impacts.

A case study, provided by Christian Aid, illustrates the problems experienced by 64-year-old Rose and her family in Kenya. When Rose was a child, there was plenty of rain. It fell at the right time, giving fruit to the baobab trees and providing plenty of nutritious food to eat. But this is now just a memory. Droughts are now more frequent and more intense due to the climate crisis. The situation is made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. Hand washing to stay safe against the virus can be difficult and with school closures there are grandchildren needing extra meals. For months at a time, Rose and millions of others in Kenya live with drought and experience severe hunger. A nearby reliable source of water would avoid long journeys on foot to collect water, fresh vegetables could be grown, and there would be more protection against coronavirus.

Christian Aid raises funds to give positive, practical help in local communities. For example, £20.00 could buy four taps for a water point at a dam where families can collect water and £60.00 could buy 10 bags of cement to help a community build an earth dam.
Donations can be made at any time but a particular focus for fundraising occurs in Christian Aid Week (10-16 May). Christian Aid is also a campaigning organisation and is highlighting the opportunities we now have to reshape our world and find a better way forward for everyone.

In the UK we are anticipating a return to growth in the economy and are preparing to host the G7 in the summer and the UN Climate talks in the autumn. Christian Aid calls on the UK Government to ensure that climate justice is at the heart of all decisions.

·     Investment in green recovery that leaves nobody

·     behind, in the UK or overseas

·     Ending the funding of fossil fuels whilst supporting

·     clean energy

·     Equipping communities to better confront the climate crisis, both through financial support and cancelling their debt.

Christian Aid asks us to pray, for example for: climate justice, coronavirus, emergencies and disasters, an end to poverty.

For further details on prayers, donations and campaigns please visit www.christianaid.org.uk


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