TIM SPENCER shares his thoughts


I spent some time on Good Friday going through some of the relevant Bible passages and it struck me that Jesus was the victim of a hate storm with the religious leaders wanting him crucified. Never mind the charge or the complete lack of evidence, they knew the verdict they wanted and the sentence. Then came the mocking and physical violence by the soldiers even though the judge had reached a verdict of case dismissed which he pronounced three time. Why? Because they could? Because they felt like it? Because it was their job? Compassion and mercy were in desperately short supply on to that day in Jerusalem, yet in the midst of that most vile, brutal hate storm, our Lord prays "Father forgive them" when a call for justice and vengeance would seem far more appropriate. So our God shone his light through the densest darkness and our God prevailed against the forces of hell. “The light shines through the darkness and the darkness has not understood it” John 1:5.


Such is the nature of God.


Imagine for a moment that our God had lost to the forces of jealousy, hate and brutality. The idea of living in such a world doesn't much bear thinking about but thank God we don't need to. That forgiveness is for us too. God is light, God is love, God is unchanging and God is eternal. So no amount of darkness or hate can ever change what God is or who God is.

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