REV ELIZABETH RUNDLE muses on her lockdown experience


 Time is peculiar. Back in March this new mystery of “Lockdown” loomed ominously into an unknown future, but now, I can’t believe its August already. Time has flown.


My first reaction was to make a “To Do” list. All those little jobs passed to the ever increasing back-burner to do some time – no excuses, some time had become the now.


Spring in my mini garden was a joy. I had time for fence painting, summer-house painting, pruning, feeding and watching the birds and squirrels. Then a full scale assault on my study, recycling (chucking) more than a third. Great enthusiasm because I had Time.


However, enthusiasm like time, moves on. It’s been a relief to hear from other people who have also experienced a slump in energy.


Sadly, there has been no better time to be retired and my heart goes out to the thousands who find their livelihoods in crisis.


Yet for me, looking back over these past months there have been many positive, unexpected blessings. It’s been so good to be more in touch with friends in different parts of the country and the world. (My friend in Canada said pictures of a jam-packed Bournemouth beach were shown over there!). Apart from the Poole Bay services, I’ve watched uTube services and the TV services which in normal circumstances I would never have seen. I’ve had time to read a novel and a book on St Paul and written two weeks of Daily Bible notes for New Daylight.


On 25 April, I heard a cuckoo on Canford Heath and, on fine evenings in the gathering dusk, nightjars crackle and purr their unique ‘song’.


Yet again I’ve learnt how fast time goes – how short is our life. Yet again it’s made me appreciate how faith, friendship and location are precious gifts beyond measure. In a weird way I’ve needed this time even though, of course, I’ve missed the normal routines of meeting everyone and worshipping together.


There is that wonderful line in Charles Wesley’s hymn StF 608 “He bids us build each other up”. It’s hard to do that by phone, email, WhatsApp, FaceTime or whatever, and I look forward to the time when we can see each other again.

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