Eddy Gould shares her and the family’s experience


Recent months have been busy for me, with little time for reflection. I am fortunate to be a key worker – no furlough, home-working, isolation, or shielding. Although that doesn’t mean daily life carries on as normal! My work as an Interventional Radiographer has changed as our team face new challenges and learn to adapt as the Covid-19 situation develops.


We have taken on extra shifts and new ways of working, including some work in other areas of the hospital, but these difficult times have brought our team closer together and I am thankful. 


Daily routine has changed for the children too. The clubs, swimming lessons, and playgroups have stopped. Instead we face questions about masks and social distancing from an inquisitive 5 year old.


Like many, we have felt the distance from our church family – never more so than at Easter. Together we found new ways to celebrate. We have enjoyed virtual worship – although our singing efforts could be improved! 


It could be easy to become overwhelmed by a sense of grief for how life used to be and, in honesty, there have been moments of tears and anxiety for the future. I have been awed by the resilience of my children, my family, my friends and colleagues. I know that God is alongside us giving us strength, and I have hope for the future.

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