And are we yet alive,                                Then let us make our boast

and see each other’s face?                     of His redeeming power

Glory and praise to Jesus give               which saves us to the uttermost

for His redeeming grace!                         till we can sin no more.

                                                                                                    Charles Wesley


Some of the signs which mark out an alive church

from a dying one:

               A live church has parking problems

               A dying church doesn’t

               A live church welcomes children

               A dying church enjoys peace and quiet

               A live church often changes the way things are done for the better

               A dying church doesn’t need to change a thing

               A live church dreams greater dreams for God’s kingdom

               A dying church has nightmares

               A live church invites people to risk involvement and new ideas

               A dying church plays it safe and never risks anything

               A live church supports world mission

               A dying church says ‘charity begins at home’

               A live church uses its traditions and buildings to serve God and people

               A dying church uses people to serve its traditions and buildings

               A live church worships

               A dying church worries

               A live church forgives and seeks forgiveness

               A dying church never makes mistakes

               A live church looks for challenges and opportunities

               A dying church looks out for problems and dangers

               A live church evangelises

               A dying church fossilises


Psalm 23 in Lockdown

with thanks to a member of St Jude’s church, Southsea - adapted


The Lord is my support bubble;

Therefore can I lack nothing.

He maketh me to walk on the green pastures of Ham Common,

And leadeth me across to the still waters of Poole Harbour.

He reneweth my spirit and bringeth me back in the ways of righteousness.

Yea, though I pass through the shadow of the Pandemic

I will fear no evil, for He is with me.

His guidance and correction strengthen me.

He provideth me with supermarket deliveries so I am well fed and watered.

His loving kindness and compassion are with me every day of my life

And soon I will be back at church with my friends and will praise Him for ever and ever.   Amen

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