Editorial, Number 30, Spring/Summer 2020

Each one of us is on a journey and our experiences on that journey shape and inform who we are.

Most of us tend to think of our lives as ordinary and largely uneventful and probably have little idea of the impact we have on others, but every contact with another person will add to their, and to our, life.

This edition of Pivot includes descriptions of many journeys (which seems particularly apt in Lent) – Sue’s journey in her ministry and the part she has played in our journey, exciting Guide trips for different generations and the impact of the enactment of the story of Jesus both at Wintershall and here in Broadstone.

We see both continuity and change which we reflect in the Visions and Dreams for Broadstone Methodist Church, we celebrate the artistic endeavour of a group of local painters and those who graphically expressed something of the history of Broadstone in thread, share in David’s experience of Washington’s Methodist Church and we rejoice with Mike in the unexpected discoveries that we can come across when exploring our interests.

Karen, too, has shared a journey with us and achieved much in the many families which her ministry has touched.

We would like to say how much we will miss Sue and Karen and express our good wishes for their futures. 

However, currently we are experiencing a Coronavirus crisis – many journeys, events and activities will be curtailed or postponed. Broadstone Methodist Church will issue updates on the best advice from our government and church through our website and noticeboard and we pray that our readers and all our fellow citizens will do everything possible to stay healthy and safe.

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