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Would you believe it?


The wonderful tapestry in our church sanctuary is featured in a new guide book 111 Places in Poole that you shouldn’t miss by Katherine Bebo, with beautiful photographs by Oliver Smith. Somewhat surprisingly, this book about Poole is just one of a whole range of 111 Places guides to such cosmopolitan cities as Berlin, London, New York, Singapore, Jerusalem, Cape Town and very many others – as well as Poole! 


I was given a copy of the Poole Guide, and, leafing through it, there at number 12 I saw ‘Broadstone Tapestry, a stitch in time’.  Together with a photograph, there is a full description of our centenary tapestry, taken from the information leaflet about it, copies of which are in the reception area. Although the tapestry is always uncovered for our church services and other events in the sanctuary, I get the feeling that it’s become part of the furniture, and most of us don’t notice it, or give it no more than a passing glance. Perhaps this will remind us that we have a lovely work of art in our church, embroidered by members of our community in 1990 to celebrate the first one hundred years of Broadstone Methodist Church.


As the guide says: ‘Forget life’s rich tapestry; visit Broadstone’s rich tapestry.’            

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