Knit and Natter

With 2020 well and truly under way, the Broadstone Methodist Knit and Natter Group have been looking at the projects we make. With this in mind we have set ourselves a new challenge and for this we need your help! We are looking for new groups and charities to knit for. We would be able to supply all the materials and obviously the finished projects, and just need your ideas of who would benefit from our items. We can make anything from toys and clothes to blankets. So if you know of any group or charity that could make use of our service please contact Terry Millard at Broadstone Methodist Church.


Last year the Knit and Natter group immersed themselves into completing various projects and were able to send over a hundred items to Knit for Peace which helps people in this country as well as abroad. In January alone Knit for Peace were able to send items to refugees on Lesbos, to hospices and hospitals, scarves and hats to the homeless, twiddlemuffs to the Ambulance Service to calm anxious patients and children’s clothes to community-based charities throughout the UK.


With the money the Knit and Natter group raised from the stalls at last year’s Autumn Craft Fair, and the stall we had on the day of the Christmas Parade, we were able to fund our future projects and also able to twin one of the church’s toilets through the locally-based charity Toilettwinning.org. Toilet Twinning raises funds to support water and sanitation work in some of the poorest countries. For more information contact www.toilettwinning.org

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