Good Friday Walk of Witness

Last year it was a beautiful sunny morning as we gathered at the United Reformed Church for the annual Churches Together in Broadstone Walk of Witness on Good Friday. There seemed to be fewer people joining the walk than in previous years, although there were unfamiliar faces. A silent walk towards The Broadway set the mood for this powerful witness to our community. It was noticeable how many shops were open and a lot of shoppers were around with a number of puzzled looks from people who wondered what it was all about. A man selling the “Big Issue” showed respect and wished us well.


Gathering by the cross outside the Methodist Church was a good witness point – visible from much of the Broadway. Other stops were made outside Lloyds Bank and the cobbler’s shop where we had dramatic readings narrating the events of that black day in Jerusalem.


Comparisons can be made today with that first Good Friday; then there was also curiosity, apathy, a lack of understanding and a sense of business as usual. 2000 years ago on crucifixion day no one knew that Jesus would rise from the dead 3 days later, today we know differently and try to live our lives as Jesus asks us to. 

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