Prayer unites us


Alison Judd (World President of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women) updates us on her activities, with an Introduction from Rev Elizabeth Rundle.

World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women ~ What a mouthful – and what on earth is it?

Two months into the Second World War, October 1939, leading women in the Methodist Church formed a global, supportive fellowship. Their aim was to promote issues of justice and peace and the interest of women in all areas of life. The motto of WFMUCW is "To know Christ and to make Him known". This wonderful Methodist movement, across 9 vast and disparate geographical areas, has mushroomed over the years and even has a seat at the United Nations. It is a huge privilege for us at Broadstone to welcome Alison on Sunday 13 October (to lead worship at the Women's Fellowship Anniversary Service at 10.30am). Methodist Women in Britain belongs to the British Unit of this world-wide sisterhood and every woman within the Methodist Church belongs even if they are not a member of any women's group.

From the WFMUCW Prayer: We are in the world to bring peace and justice, reconciliation and love and hope for all people. May our lives extend as the branches of our Tree of Life, bearing fruits of Unity and Love. Elizabeth Rundle.

Thank you for your prayer support! I greatly appreciate this provided by my District sisters. The World Federation Prayer is being used every month on the twenty-sixth day, the day in October 1939 that the first constitution was signed. Each month a Call to Prayer is circulated and reminds us to pray for global issues faced by women. Prayers for Bulgaria were answered when a proposed action by the government against churches was rescinded.

The World Federation Executive, consisting of five world officers, nine area presidents or their representatives and the Tree of Life editors, met in Hong Kong in March. We heard encouraging reports from each area and discussed arrangements for the next World Assembly. A full report on the East Asia Area Seminar which took place the following week will appear on the website (www.wfmucw.org) in due course. It was attended by nearly 300 women from Hong Kong, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Cambodia. The programme included Bible study, worship, speakers on various topics and a superb gala dinner with cultural presentations. A planned outing took us by coach to the Peak viewpoint on Hong Kong Island and to Stanley, a resort town on the coast. I had a free day on the Saturday and went to visit the new Methodist International Church which celebrated its official opening on 20 May 2018, the 125th anniversary of the original church on that site. Rev Howard Mellor showed me around the impressive 22 storey building and I felt very privileged to spend the morning with him and Rosie in this fantastic facility, the result of many years of visionary commitment on the part of church leaders and members.

Three women from Cambodia attended the East Asia Area Seminar. Only one, Sophany, spoke English but she told me the story of one of her companions. Her Buddhist father had converted to Christianity but had been killed by those who were enraged by his conversion. Her husband is a Christian pastor and she is still anxious for his safety at times. Many women in Cambodia are illiterate so they hope the pastor can start teaching reading and writing so they can better study the Bible.

As so often happens, this visit to another part of God’s mission field has given me a fresh perspective and renewed determination to make Christ known more widely. Please join with me in maintaining prayer support for our courageous sisters in Christ.

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