Editorial, Number 27, Spring 2019

With a 'late' Easter this year, the publication date of this edition of Pivot enabled us to reflect on the period of Lent and look forward to Pentecost. We set ourselves and our contributors a rather difficult challenge of thinking about 'fulfilment'.

As ever people have responded to our chosen theme with their own special thoughts and reflect the wide range of meanings ‘fulfilment’ has for individuals.

Its meaning can and does change as we journey through life and differing influences come to bear on us, as Rev Sue reminds us from her own experience. Those influences come from many sources, including what we see of life and what we are told by family and friends of their lives. Jesus’ life can speak to us of the challenges we face in trying to follow his example of love and so influence our direction and our sense of fulfilment, in body mind and spirit.

Fulfilment from achieving in many different spheres of life is illustrated. Rev Linda reminds of of the many small things in which we find fulfilment, both in our own and in others, whilst Rev Elizabeth finds it in her many visits to the Holy Land but also in discovering the joy of seeing the results of her ministry years after having moved on.

Within BMC part of our mission is to reach out to children and young people. Karen, Anne and Joan describe how we are making our worship inclusive and welcoming to all age groups in order to fulfil that part of our mission.

We can find fulfilment in supporting the work of others and in upholding individuals and communities in our prayers and meditation.

Fulfilment, love and peace come together as we 'journey' through Lent to Pentecost.

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