Good day, bad day!

On a good day, teamwork is something to behold! On a not so good day, it can look like this! (Humorous cartoon image included in the print version of Pivot.)

We’ve all been there.  Working together toward a shared vision can be exciting, creative and rewarding.  And we’ve all been there. Working together toward a shared vision can be frustrating, discouraging and fruitless.

My daughter loves the team she works with at her place of employment. There is a high degree of mutual respect amongst the team as well as a very strong work ethic and commitment toward the shared goals.  However, when I spoke with her the other day she was extremely frustrated! They had hired a new person because the success of their work required it. The person hired looked perfect on paper but in reality was anything but! My daughter said, we hired this person to relieve the stress we are all under and instead we now have more stress! That’s the corporate world.  No doubt they will either find their way through it or this person will be gone.

Church can be even trickier as it’s made up of 95% volunteers! Unlike the corporate world where the paycheck can help with the motivation, team players here commit because of a God-given vision we all share.

In the Children and Young Families’ Ministry I have the privilege of working with many very good volunteers! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Broadstone Methodist has given me the best experience of teamwork I have ever had in my 20 previous years of working within churches.

The hardest thing for me in regard to teamwork has always been in recruiting volunteers for the Children and Families work. I actually hate asking people to help! I don’t want to beg or make people feel guilty or add stress to people’s lives. I want people to join in because they really want to and preferably without being asked! I love assertive people! Of course research suggests that 83% of volunteers need to be asked! And therein lies my dilemma. 

So in regard to the Children and Young Families’ Ministry, how good is the teamwork? Excellent! I love the people who help out in the various outreaches we provide for families! We flow together well and have a good routine going. Personalities mesh well, the work is not too demanding and the reward of seeing the young families coming into the church speaks for itself.

I don’t, however, think we have maxed out all we can do for children and young families. To introduce new or expand the outreaches we have we would need a few more team players. My wish list looks something like this.

In regard to Broadway, I would love to have a few more people on our team to simply give some of the helpers a night off. There are currently no extras. There are 3 areas to help with: first the children in regard to a craft, next the extra lady (safeguarding) sitting in the Bradbury while the children run around with one of our guys and lastly, help in the kitchen cleaning up. These are a simple 45 minute endeavour and one obvious perk is you get to enjoy supper with the Broadway group!  And since it only meets monthly, any help would be minimal.

In regard to Thirsty Thursday and Messy Church you can read the articles by Robert and Joan for their unique insight.

In regard to new outreaches, I believe we could offer some helpful workshops or 6 week courses in anything from parenting to prayer to bible studies for young parents if we could provide child care for the hour they would be with us. Even with my Craft Group on Wednesdays, several women would love to participate but they don’t have someone at home to keep the children.

Lastly, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes in the way of preparation that could easily be done at someone’s convenience. This includes things like picking out and preparing the craft for Broadway, making cookies for Thirsty Thursday or cupcakes for Café Worship, preparing flyers to advertise our events and creatively doing the notice board…etc.

So there you have it. The teamwork is good -  really good! And yes, we could grow this ministry with a few of you investing some of your time to be on our team.

So, how about it?

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