A tale of two Deacons: Deacon Sarah: called by God...helped by a team

This is about Deacon Sarah Wickett - known to many in the Poole area - often referred to as ‘a live wire’ !

Prior to her ordination in July, at her recent District Testimony Service, Sarah shared with us something of her journey and the ‘team’ of ordinary people used by God that brought her to this point in her life.

Having no Christian background, the first seed was sown by a friend’s mother when she was nine years old, though lay dormant as she had no support. Arriving at University College Cardiff, feeling lost, lonely and homesick, a friend suggested she join her at the local Methodist Church favoured by students. Sarah says she didn’t even know when to stand or sit! However, this was the start of Christianity all making sense and, step by step, being led along her journey to this point in time. God had called Sarah to follow Him, and, as one by one people added their support, her faith grew. After graduation she qualified as a primary school teacher (a job she loved), became a local preacher in the Methodist Church, married and had two lovely daughters - the picture of a wonderfully happy, fulfilled life. However, God had further plans for Sarah! His calling became more pressing and this was to turn life upside-down for not only her, but for her husband and children. Finally (but really just the beginning!), seven years ago she offered herself to serve in the Diaconal Order of the Methodist Church, an order committed to minister Christ’s love and compassion, and seek out the lost and the lonely. She was accepted for training.

During her time as a probationer Deacon at The Spire (Poole Methodists), she has quickly displayed her ability to welcome people, show God’s unconditional love, listen to peoples’ stories of struggle and challenge and those who are searching for a meaning in life. She has prayed with people, and, probably most importantly, reassured people they are valued. Sarah is full of energy, her enthusiasm is infectious, she is an ‘ideas’ person, but, importantly, has known the willingness of Poole Methodists to join her in an adventure which is already showing exciting signs of growth.

For Sarah, herself, the call came from God, but He has used many, many people along her road - His co-workers - to add their contribution enabling her to fulfil that calling.

Maybe we should all remember that our passing words or offer of love may feel of little consequence, but when added to others words and actions they make an impact as God uses us to build His Church. Perhaps one might call it ‘teamwork’!

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