New Christmas Lights

THIS YEAR a community group, calling themselves ‘Save the Broadstone Christmas Lights’ has been raising money to make sure that Broadstone has the Christmas trees along the Broadway as in previous years. The group began when a large number of people commented on a Facebook post that the lights were not very good last year, and had cost rather too much. A few of us got together and decided to take on the task of improving the look for Christmas in the village. This was very successful with the help of the group and the people of Broadstone’s generosity.


With the birth of a new group, many of whom had never met before, the community feel has been amazing. We have worked together to help make the lights better than previous years, and when we met with Rev Sue Gowling she was more than delighted at our suggestion of using the Methodist Church Christmas Tree as the centre for the Lights Switch On. As a church and community hub, it is the perfect place to celebrate the birth of Christ. It was thought that as the star of Bethlehem guided the wise men to the birth of Jesus it seemed appropriate that the new lights should include a new star for the church.


Rev Sue worked with Churches Together in Broadstone to make up a choir to sing carols at the Switch-on ceremony, as well as others who came together to make it a special event. Reindeer chow, mince pies and mulled apple juice were all donated for the people who came to see the Christmas Tree Lights switched on as the beginning of the celebrations of the birth of Jesus. Secular and church celebrations mixed to bring people together.


A new beginning for the fundraisers led to a new star for the church and a new community feel in the village. Long may it last.


Fund raising has now begun for next year!

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