Broadstone Mice

FROM the beginning of December watch out for an outbreak of mice in the shops and businesses of Broadstone. Don’t worry – they won’t be real – just knitted or craft made.


You may remember that last December there were decorated stars to be found

and the year before, lots of knitted woolly sheep.


Sheep feature in the account of the first Christmas so Messy Church came up with the idea of hiding sheep in local shops and businesses to remind people, especially children, of the reason behind our Christmas celebrations. They produced a special version of the story to give to all who took part.


During December the children of Broadstone will be invited to search the windows of the shops and businesses to find the hidden mice and match the name of each creature to the place where it has made its home! Each mouse will have a given name which the youngsters can record on a special form which is available from Reception at Broadstone Methodist Church from 1 December. Completed forms to be returned to the Coffee Lounge at the Methodist church – and exchanged for a small gift – up to and including the Crib Service on Christmas Eve. The form usually includes a version of the Christmas story and a picture to colour, giving an opportunity to spread the message of the first Christmas. A few days before the Crib service, we will collect all the mice from their hiding places and bring them back to church where they will play a part in that service. After the service ends each child will be invited to take one of the mice home – hopefully to be a reminder of the story of the birth of Jesus and why Christmas is such a special time.

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