My new school: Bailey tells of his experience since moving school

This September I started at my new school in Lytchett Minster. I have gone from being one of the oldest in a small school to being the youngest in a big school of 1,200 pupils. I did not feel daunted by this however and instead was really looking forward to going.

On the first day of term I was a bit worried about what people would think of me, and if I would fit in, but actually it was a good day and I enjoyed it. Now I feel like I fit in really well. Most of my friends transferred with me which helped and I have made a good new friend called Matthew.

The main differences I have found with my new school are that you have to be much more organised (which amazingly I have been!!!). You now have to be responsible for managing yourself. I have a timetable and it’s up to me to get to the right classroom at the right time. Each lesson has a different teacher and there’s much further to walk between classes (so many stairs!!!). It’s a much more adult environment, which feels a bit much sometimes, but generally I’m coping ok. (It helps that I now know where I’m going!)

I have some new lessons this year like DT (design technology), History and Geography and so far I like them all. I’m especially enjoying cooking. Before starting I was looking forward to discovering the library and on my second day I volunteered to become an assistant librarian, which is good fun. I have also joined the badminton club, science club and a book club.

I’m now walking (or scootering) to school by myself as my new one is closer to home. I enjoy going in with my neighbour Jess and being a bit more independent. I no longer have shoes with a secret compartment* though, and my new shoes gave me blisters to start with! Luckily they are much more comfortable now.

The only thing I don’t like about my new school is the cafeteria which is too slow!


[*When Bailey was interviewed at the “Shoes” Café Church in May, he showed us his current school shoes at that time, which contained a useful secret compartment suitable for a small rubber to be hidden.]

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