Saying Farewell

Farewell to a Gracious Lady

On 27 December 2017, Broadstone Methodist Church lost its most elderly member who passed away, aged 97.  Joan Dobell featured in a recent edition of Pivot, so many of you will have read much of her life experiences as the wife of a Methodist Minister. However, Joan was very much a lady in her own right who served her Lord to the end of her life ~ latterly, when housebound, with her prayers for others and her beloved Church in which she continued to have a lively interest.


Her strong qualities were evident from her days in the WAAF when she was the only young lady stationed with a large number of men ~ she would say, ‘They always respected me and I never had any trouble with them’!


Although life was never the same for her after the death of her beloved husband, Denis, she continued to keep positive and, when still reasonably active, always enjoyed her occasional mid-morning visits to Beales for coffee (though it was always tea!) followed by a wander round the Eastex fashion department, and sometimes a purchase. Her care in her appearance never left her and she always managed a co-ordinated colour scheme, her jackets and skirts being enveloped in plastic before being hung in the wardrobe. Marks & Spencer will find their potential takings reduced this year having one less customer for eclairs, raspberries and double cream ~ dear Joan loved her food to the end!


We say farewell to a wonderful lady who will continue to live in the minds of all who knew her.  In death, she has achieved her wish to be reunited with Denis.


The Loss of a True Gentleman

Brian Skelton ~ a faithful member of our Church passed away suddenly on 18 January 2018.  We celebrated and gave thanks for Brian’s life at Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground where the surroundings of this new Crematorium were so appropriate for Brian - modern architecture, beautifully laid out grounds and a lovely sunny day.  A packed Chapel demonstrated the esteem in which Brian was held.


From an early age he was very gifted in drawing, trained as an architect, specialised in hospital design, and his hobby was beautiful calligraphy, often work inspired by well-known hymns as many of you will have been made aware in our October Pivot.


Brian was such an easy man to love - everything about him portrayed humility, yet his strong faith was always evident witnessing to his closeness to his Lord and his dedication to his family, friends and his Church was obvious to all who knew him.  We pray that God will be very close to Pat and his family as they mourn his loss.

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