Editorial March 2018

The Christian season of Lent is traditionally a time for penitence and self-denial, remembering Jesus’ death for us on the cross, so that we may grow in faith and devotion to our Lord. The extent to which this tradition is put into practice in our lives today varies widely ~ it would be interesting to know what, if any, acts of penitence and self-denial readers of Pivot are practicing in Lent 2018.


However, there are many people amongst us for whom self-denial is an integral part of their whole lives. Full time carers come in many shapes, sizes and situations, but there is one element common to them all ~ that the needs of another person take precedence in every aspect of their lives. In this edition of Pivot, we are focussing on the stories of some of these carers in our own community, as well as on the pastoral care offered by our Church. There are also articles about two charitable organisations which offer caring support to people in our community, together with the Easter letter from our own minister and pieces from other regular contributors.


We hope you find this Pivot interesting and relevant for this season of Lent. As always, the editors welcome any comments you may have about Pivot and its contents.     

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