The Leonardo Trust

The Leonardo Trust is an independent charitable trust set up in 2001 based in Broadstone to help people in Dorset who are registered voluntary carers for relatives or friends.

Being a full-time carer is extremely hard work and getting time off can be difficult but it is very important that every carer has some time to themselves for short periods of rest and relaxation not just for themselves but also for the person they care for. If finding the money for a few hours extra respite care or to pay for whatever you would like to do to relax is a challenge, we may be able to help you.

The Leonardo Trust was originally created by our founder, who herself was a full time voluntary carer. She has experienced first-hand the challenges and issues faced from caring for someone else, so we really appreciate and understand that having help with the stressful aspects of life can really make a difference to you and the person you care for. We give modest grant awards for lots of various aspects of a carers life, these include to name but a few: Funding for short holidays, driving lessons, home improvements, home help, assisted living technologies, and legal support.             

For more information and a better understanding on what we fund, please visit our website www.leonardotrust.org or call the office on 01202 698325. 

To apply for funding or support all you need to do is complete the application form which can be downloaded from the ‘application form’ page on our website. In the application you’ll need to explain what your needs are and a little bit about yourself, then ask your Social Worker or Healthcare Professional to complete a short reference about your caring situation. We treat every individual application with compassion and understanding as every carers needs are

different and sometimes quite complex. Some applications may require that a trained member of the Leonardo Team will ask to visit you at a convenient time to meet you in person to discuss your situation as there may be some other services and support we can offer you.

Being a carer doesn’t mean that no-one cares for you, you can Lean on Leonardo.

[Andy is  Operations Manager at the Leonardo Trust.]

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