Transforming Young Kenyan Lives

The Karibuni Trust has a new name - Karibuni Children! After 22 years of wonderful achievement working with children from the poorest of the poor, this seems a much more appropriate name, and it all started with a young girl, Corinne Murphy, setting up a charity with her savings of £2.56! 


Recovering from a very serious injury, Corinne remembered a situation she had witnessed in Kenya whilst there with her parents. To quote from Corinne’s own account:

Two young children were lying at the bottom of a lamppost on the streets of Nairobi. Dressed in very little, they didn’t move, they were starving, I could hear them - just. Their crying was weak, they looked so fragile, they had no energy. I clutched my Mum’s hand. I desperately wanted to gently pick them up and take them away. ‘No’ we were told. They belong to someone… I felt my love was forbidden, I had to walk away…


Three years on, Corinne knew she had to do something to try and help, and, taking herself to the Charity Commission, started a charity calling it ‘Karibuni’, which, translated, means ‘Welcome’.


From such small beginnings, the work has grown and grown. Karibuni decided that their priority should be to offer food, medical care, clothing, and education to children living in desperate situations in the slums of Nairobi ~ here, many are constantly hungry and scavenge on rubbish tips. Now they have a programme with a budget of around  £250,000 per annum supporting youngsters throughout their education thus enabling them to fulfil their potential. Children are often found to achieve excellent results though living in those most challenging of circumstances, and, in turn, can go on to become independent, productive citizens who will make a positive contribution to their country.

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