Moving Forward at Broadstone Methodist Church

In the last edition of Pivot, I outlined our approach for discerning how, working on the strong base we already have, our Church should face current challenges, and move forward to build an even more vibrant Broadstone Methodist Church. The team set up to do this have had in-depth conversations with more than forty people and submissions from a number of others. As you may imagine, many of the suggestions and proposals were contradictory!


We have tried to set the challenges in the context of our stated Church mission:

    As part of the worldwide Christian church, to preach the Christian message,

    provide facilities for Christian worship, and serve the needs of the community.


The review leads us to propose that our aim must be to strengthen both our mission of spreading the Christian message and, at the same time, to enhance our community work.  The team has not yet completed its recommendations, but we have strong indications that we should:

 - plan to build on our already successful work with young people and families -         Messy Church, Broadway, Ufee, Thirsty Thursdays

 - look into ways of making our Sunday morning worship more meaningful, the overall content, and the place of music in particular - and, bearing in mind that all across the country fewer people are attending traditional Sunday services, remember that worship of God is not restricted to 10.30 on a Sunday morning!

 - offer a programme of Bible study during the coming year

 - ensure that our church and the coffee lounge remains at the heart of the Community, this can range from affording a space for people to meet friends, to find new friends, to learn at U3A classes, to seek spiritual support or find a haven for prayer.


The team comprise:

Rev Sue Gowling, Mike Brooke, Robert Maguire, Terry Millard, Linda Shah, David Spracklen

who aim to refine these proposals over the next few months. 


Copies of their report to the Church Council in September are available at the reception desk if you would like to read it.


They continue to welcome relevant contributions and suggestions.

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