A man of faith and talent

Brian has been a member of Broadstone Methodist Church for 21 years and was for a time Treasurer for Home Missions. With persuasion he shares with Pivot readers a glimpse of his art work:

From an early age I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing. I remember after going up to the Grammar School in 1940, I spent more time in the school art studio than in physics labs or similar places. I always wanted to be an architect when I left school and thought how nice it would be to draw houses all day long! When the time came to leave school and study architecture, I was in for quite a shock! I did manage to qualify to be an architect in the end, but I had to keep up my arithmetic as well.

My interest in calligraphy probably started when, as an architect, I had to do quite a lot of lettering on the working drawings so that the builder knew what materials to use. The lettering had to be good, plain and readable ~ no fancy style. Calligraphy as a hobby gave me the opportunity to be a bit more artistic, though I would never reach the high standard that professional calligraphists achieve.

What I did like to do was to combine basic calligraphy with painting or drawing, a sort of hybrid work which allowed lots of colour to be part of the script.   It was a freer style which I enjoyed doing. Most of my work I took from well-known quotes in the Bible, lines from Hymns and Psalms and even poetry and prayers. The book of Proverbs is particularly good at providing well known examples, such as: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding’. You could use as few or as many words as you wanted. I made framed pictures, both large and small, which I mostly gave away to friends.

I have been retired now for some years but I look back on those days when I sat on a swivel stool before a great big drawing board with T squares, set squares and all manner of drawing pens, and although it was mechanical drawing, I could at least bring a little artistic flavour into it. Today it seems you have to gaze forever into a digital computer screen to provide your drawings. I don’t think that would have suited me!

I have always enjoyed my painting and drawing so I have been blessed with a hobby to keep me busy in my spare time.

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