What about your gifts and talents?

Talent? Not me!
I can't arrange flowers or make fancy cakes.
I can't sing, play a musical instrument, write poetry or write a good article.
I can't exhibit any of my attempts at painting or sketching!
I can't stand up in front of a large audience and deliver a speech or a sermon.
I can't organise events for special occasions.

I just can't!

No? But . . .

Do you help in the kitchen as a waitress, washer-up or driver at either Light Lunches or the Luncheon Club?
Are you a member of the Coffee Lounge or Church Reception Team Rotas?
Are you a Church Steward or a member of the Maintenance Team?
Do you help at Broadway or Thirsty Thursday sessions?
Do you operate the audio equipment during Church services?
Are you a member of the Church Council or do you help to organise or make tea for Women's Fellowship?

Just back room jobs?

No, they are the foundations for all our work within the church and with the wider community. You may not think of these contributions as talents but without such individual and teamwork 'gifts', many of the Church's activities would cease to exist. Thank you to all who volunteer their precious time.

There are always opportunities for you to help in a voluntary role in our Coffee Lounge. In particular, you may have noticed that currently the Church is not providing Light Lunches on Tuesdays despite their popularity. This is because of a need for more volunteers to assist the paid chef who deals with all purchasing and cooking of the food. The jobs require the ability to be a friendly waiter or waitress, take orders over the counter and handle money and possibly assist in the kitchen with simple jobs such as preparing salad. If you could spare a few hours once a month to help keep this provision available, or to assist in some other way in the Coffee Lounge, please do contact Jenny in the office.

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