Dementia-friendly communities

In May 2014, Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer's Society, gave the opening address at a Dementia Awareness Conference held in Broadstone Methodist Church. The journey for Broadstone becoming a Dementia-Friendly Community had commenced. 

Subsequently the Alzheimer's Society has supplied the article below for Pivot.


A dementia-friendly community can be described as:

‘A city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported, and confident they can contribute to community life. In a dementia friendly community people will be aware of and understand dementia, and people with dementia will feel included and involved, and have choice and control over their day-to-day lives.’

In order to create a dementia friendly community the views and opinions of people with dementia and their carers must be at the heart of any considerations or decisions.

Becoming a dementia friendly community will take a number of years. During this time it is vital that there is a process that enables communities to be part of an officially recognised group working towards becoming dementia friendly. The recognition process will ensure that communities are able to work towards a common and consistent vision based on what we know is important to people affected by dementia and will truly change their experience.        

Alzheimer’s Society has developed a recognition process which includes foundation criteria for a dementia friendly community and area for action based on the British Standard Institute Code of practice for the recognition of dementia friendly communities in England. The recognition process includes having a plan to raise awareness about dementia in key organisations and businesses within the community that support people with dementia and developing a strong voice for people with dementia living in your communities.

We are delighted to welcome dementia-friendly Broadstone onto the recognition process and wish them well on their journey as they work towards becoming dementia-friendly.

We congratulate Broadstone Methodist Church on its dementia-friendly accreditation.

Annette adds: "There is still a great deal of our local journey to complete but I am pleased that Broadstone Methodist Church has recently achieved Dementia Friendly Status with the guidance of Faithworks Wessex. Our churches and other key organisations can work together to improve the quality of life in our community for the growing number of people living with dementia."

For details of the Broadstone Project please visit www.broadstonesteppingstones.uk or contact Annette Brooke via the church.

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