Saying it with flowers

Talents come in various forms. It could be painting, writing, music or craftwork etc, and one of the many talents enjoyed in Broadstone Methodist Church every week is that of flower arranging.

We are fortunate to have several members in our congregation who have a skill in this area and every Sunday we are blessed with a new and vibrant arrangement at the front of the church. There are many things to look at within the sanctuary and the presence of fresh flowers is a reminder to us of the beauty of God’s creation. Funds for the flowers are donated by members and friends who often choose a particular Sunday to celebrate a special event or dedicate flowers in remembrance of a loved one.

Recently an open workshop was organised in which eight ladies participated and under the guidance of Hazel Rodenhurst had the chance to practice arranging for themselves. The event was most successful and enjoyed by all who took part, with some beautiful arrangements being created.

Recently I have taken over the organising of the flower rota and would welcome to the list of volunteers any additional ladies and gentlemen, who have a gift for arranging and would like to get involved. If you feel this is something you enjoy doing and would like to share this talent please leave your name and telephone at the church reception or have a chat with me.

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