This Pivot we are focusing on the vegetable plot. Any garden, even a window box can provide some vegetables for the summer.

By now you will have made a start with growing your vegetables and have planted runner beans.and tomatoes in the greenhouse or on a windowsill to give them a start. Early potatoes will already be in and earthed up and salad crops, peas, carrots and French beans will have been sown for early cropping. Marrows, courgettes and cucumbers will have been sown in pots.

Now we are in June you can continue to sow more salad leaf as necessary, as well as more carrots and peas to ensure a continuity of supply. This month you can also plant out young leeks into their beds for maturing later in the year. Plant out the marrows, courgettes and cucumbers sown in individual pots earlier. Earth up maincrop potatoes and some earlies may be ready for lifting later in the month. Remove any flower spikes that form on rhubarb.

In July you should be digging the early potatoes, eating the early peas and the Autumn sown broad beans as well as continuing to harvest salad leaves. Tomatoes should be growing well and setting fruit. Take out all the side shoots, feed the plants regularly and if the plants have reached the roof take out the tip of each plant. Remove some of the lower leaves to help ripening. If it is very sunny a light shade can be applied to the glass of the greenhouse to prevent scorching the fruit.

We hope you have a good growing season and look forward to seeing the results in the autumn.

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