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It’s almost 3 years since I started here at Broadstone Methodist Church and looking back the thing that first gave me a glimmer of hope that this ministry might prosper happened just before Christmas in my first year. It was the Young Ladies' Craft Group. I initially offered it for 6 weeks leading up to Christmas in 2013 and what I remember is how hard and nail-biting it all was! Providing crafts for 20 women was incredibly labour intensive but the more difficult task was creating a space for women, who may only know a few others or none at all, to become friends and hopefully eventually play an important role in the ministry to families here at the church.

That all seems like a long time ago because so many good things have happened since. Some ladies have come and gone, but there are those who have been with the group from the outset, and others who have come in since, that I have come to appreciate and rely on in so many ways. When I walked into the first Craft Group this Christmas season, it was so encouraging. There was a buzz in the air! So much laughter and sharing. Everyone was so happy to see each other! Friends indeed.

So who are these women? These are the women you will find cleaning up the crumbs and mess after a packed out Thirsty Thursday; or vacuuming, cleaning and rearranging furniture after Ufee each Monday so no one would ever guess that 43 rambunctious children have just left! They bring their families to Broadway, pitch in by sharing in the discussion, making coffee etc., and like all good women persuade their dear husbands to help with things like Ultimate Frisbee, and Crafts; and they are increasingly supporting our monthly Family Service. These ladies led the Christmas Crafts for kids 2 years ago, made a quilt for Julia's House and recently joined with ladies from the Church to make felted sheep for a fun Christmas activity for the community! And of course, because of them, their children participate in all the things we offer for families; Messy Church, Family Film, Broadway, Ufee, Wendy House and Thirsty Thursday. And as for the craft group, now the ladies take turns leading it, providing the ideas and the materials for the evening! I have come to love and respect these women. They love their families, are great mums, hard working, caring, giving, funny and thoughtful!

We have come a long way since those nail-biting days of a few years ago but there is more to come. One thing that I would love to see happen is for the Young Ladies' Craft Group to be open to all ladies young and not so young. My initial target, of course, was young ladies as my job description suggests, but the end goal has always been to bring all ages together where possible. Isn't that what church is about? And so I believe this is a great place and the right time for this to happen. And indeed it is starting to happen as several of the ladies have been bringing their mums along!

So ladies of all ages, if you enjoy crafts (keeping in mind that you need no special skills), love fellowship with other women and want to help grow this church, then please join us on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 9:00 in the coffee lounge.

Do let me know ahead of time if you're coming so we can have enough of everything for everyone.

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